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Welcome To The Bitchery

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My refrigerator was not cooling yesterday. I called my landlord around 7 p.m. to let him know. So here is the backstory. Last week, he had me get a key from the mailbox and bring it back to my apartment for safe keeping. I’ve had it in my coat pocket and forgot about it. Last night, when I called to inform him about my situation, I told him that I had food that was going to spoil. He stated he had a mini fridge in his personal room. He asked me if I still had the key, and I said yes. Then he told me there was a room connected to the basement right where I walk in. I had always seen this door and for some reason I thought it was a storage area. Its behind a shed, connected to my apartment building and it houses the washer and dryer. Anyhow, I use the key to open the door and sure enough, it is a tiny room complete with a bed, a t.v., bathroom, and sure enough a refrigerator. It had no light, so I had to use my cell phone to see. I put my food in the refrigerator and got the hell out fast. It seriously looked like something straight out of Law and Order SVU. I always wondered how when I was doing laundry and forgot to turn off the light, I’d go back in and it was off. Someone was there, watching.


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