Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Weird Fears You Have

Weird in the sense of not-realistic-why-do-I-even-think-this sense. Not a judgment like “oh, someone’s agoraphobic, that’s so weird.”

Here’s mine. Sometimes at night in bed I start being afraid my heart has stopped beating. It hasn’t. But I always panic and check my pulse. It’s a weird fear because people in my family die of strokes or cancer, it’s not like heart disease or heart attacks are something I have to worry significantly about.


I didn’t have this fear until I had to put my dog down last summer. I think since he slept in bed with me for about a year before then and he was always touching me, there was some comforting biofeedback loop. I could always feel his pulse when he laid next to me/mostly over my leg and I think the absence of feeling his pulse makes some buried part of my brain think “OH CRAP SOMETHING IS WRONG” sometimes.

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