For dinner in the Quagmire house, we are having chicken stir-fry and mimosas. My husband planned this meal. It is good (I mean, how do you go wrong?), but it is definitely not something I would have come up with.

While I was at the Philly meet up (such fun!!), he decided to clean out the fridge. Which normally I would not complain about, but he decided that ¾ of a leftover rib eye from Thursday was too old, and fed it to the dog. Like, he claims he just dropped it in her bowl. I said, "Are you kidding me? How could you give the dog almost an entire steak?"

And he said, "Well, just look at her face. That's how." I may have hurt myself rolling my eyes. I'm like 40% sure he's kidding. She's cute...but I would have eaten that!