TW: Food, diet, etc.



Tell me about your food cravings! What do you feel compelled to eat that other people think is weird? (Or not weird - maybe it's that one thing your body turns to when it needs something?)

It's also late(ish) at night and I want to eat all the things, so I thought I'd share my stomach's weird desires with all of you! Lately, as in the past couple months, I've been getting regular and strong cravings for cottage cheese. It's so weird; I used to think it was gross, and then I tried it, and now I eat it multiple times a week and miss it when I don't.

Now all my friends think I'm on a diet, because apparently cottage cheese is something only dieters eat because high protein and low calories? But it's so delicious! I thought it was just as calorically dense as regular cheese until people kept commenting! Why isn't this a more beloved food?? What are the best ways to eat this I haven't discovered yet?

Also, fruit. I love fruit. Not the basic fruit of (out of season) apples and bananas - I'm talking all the berries, grapefruit, kiwi, pears, more berries, watermelon, other berries....I AM GOING TO COUNT AVOCADO HERE TOO. YAY AVOCADO. I can't wait until I graduate and can go home to a real grocery store and farmers' markets and all of the fruit. And arugula. They don't have arugula here.

So. This turned into an ode to food. Tell me yours!