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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Weird food intolerances (slight TMI).

During the last few days, my stomach has been kind of upset, and I couldn't pinpoint a cause until just now. I got some apple cider from the store the other day, and I've been drinking about a glass or two a day because apple cider is delicious. I had some with dinner tonight, and my stomach was upset almost immediately (and it definitely wasn't the food). Anyway, I realized the cider might be the culprit because the same thing happens to me when I drink apple juice. Actually, apple juice is much worse because not only does it give me the runs, but it gives me stomach cramps. I don't react this way to apples in any other form, but juice just about kills me. What gives? I've had this reaction to a lot of other juices, too. Cranberry juice is just about the only juice I can drink without GI problems. Is juice intolerance a thing, or is my body just weird?


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