I know we had one of these not too long ago, but I just saw this Buzzfeed article and I pretty much love most of these and also I’m bored and it’s Sunday. So. What are some foods that ‘everyone’ hates that you love? Or alternately, what are foods that generally people like but you can’t stand?

Fire head boy hates strawberries. Strawberries! How can you hate a delicious fruit? I don’t get it, but hey, more berries for me so I’m not complaining.

But going back to the article, ALL THE SALTY/BRINY FOODS YES PLS GIMME. And I will roast the fuck outta those veggies and they will be delicious. Basically, the only ones I was ‘meh’ about were the overtly bland ones, like tofu and mayo.

However I did just think of something I do hate—ketchup. Fuck ketchup. Keep your sugary nonsense away from my delicious salty fries.


Let the Opinions commence!