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Weird/Gross Minor Medical thing

For as long as I have known him, Mr Ivriniel’s has had a skin tag below his eye. Recently it swelled up and started hurting. Then the swelling went down, and the pain went away, but it looked pinker somehow than it did before and seemed a little bigger.

Friday evening, I was sitting next to him on the couch, and I looked over to see blood pooling on his face where the skin tag mets his face. I rushed and got some paper towel for him to hold over it. It bled profusely, but briefly. We were left unsure what to do. The walk in clinics were closed by then, and it didn’t seem like something to bother Emerg about, so we decided to just to keep an eye on it. Yesterday it had noticibly shrunk, and had turned black, like it had dried blood inside it. We decided that on Monday we would go to the walk in down the road that advertises skin tag removal and have it removed, cause it was kinda gross looking.

This morning when he woke up, though it was just gone. Must have fallen off in the night.


Only thing I can figure is that for some reason the skin tag got an increased blood supply going into it, which is why it swelled and turned pinker. Then there was just too much pressure, so it burst at the base and started bleeding. Then when the clot formed, it cut off the blood supply to the skin tag entirely, causing it to shrivel up and fall off.

Apparently you can get little tiny plastic hoops to tie off skin tags with that amounts to to same thing.

This is not the first time Mr I has had weird things happen with the blood vessels in his face. A couple of years back, he was squeezing a weird bump on his face in the bathroom when it suddenly errupted in arterial spray. That time we did go to Emerg, and they ended up cauterizing a small artery near the surface to keep it from blowing again.

The human body is so weird, eh?

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