I keep seeing ads for the upcoming sitcom Weird Loners and before I read this AV Club review I didn't think much of it. I mainly read The AV Club because their comments section is usually great/hilarious/not total assholes and I just get a kick out of reading the comments section on things like Arrow and The Flash (shipping the salmon ladder and cosmic treadmill) and even Shameless. But anyway, there was a few comments along the lines of "How could two attractive women like that be weird loners?!?" and I'm just smh so hard right now.

Granted, some of it includes that one dude from Happy Endings in the "How can attractive people be weird loners?" so thanks for the inclusiveness internet people but most of it focused on the two girls. Why do "weird loners" have to look weird? Why can't loners be conventionally attractive? Yeah, I get that it's another show about a group of attractive friends, and based on what little I have to go by on the premise I'm not sure how a group of people can be loners but maybe that will be cleared up somehow?

All I'm saying is, there's loners by choice and there's loners not by choice. Loners by choice you might call introverts, which I'm sure many of you can relate to. And I'm sure many of you are conventionally attractive, not that that matters, because it really doesn't!

I don't like the implication that you have to look "wrong" in order to be weird, or off in some way. We have this ill-conceived notion that beauty=good, well adjusted, socially adept individuals and that's just not the case and never has been. Marilyn Monroe fucking killed herself because she was unhappy and not well adjusted and she is the icon of beauty to most people!


Weird loners come in all shapes and sizes! It's 2015 for cripes sakes aren't we past this yet??

Here's some wisdom from Lady Gaga: