Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I have noticed a strange pattern lately: whenever I drink a mass market bottled beer I get a raging headache that borders on migraine level very soon after. I become nauseated and dizzy usually, too, though I’m not sure if those are just side effects of having a headache that bad or just separate symptoms. This is not a case of overindulging—this can and does happen after drinking just one beer.

Whenever I get beer from the tap, I always get a local craft brew. This gives me no problem and I can drink as much craft beer as my alcohol tolerance allows with no weird headache. My brother in law homebrews and I can drink bottles and bottles of his beer, again with no weird repercussion. This all leads me to wonder if it is possible to have an allergy to something in commercial bottled beer. Maybe some sort of preservative that the mass market brewers use...Has anyone experienced something similar? I am perplexed :/


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