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Has anyone else heard of this movie? I just had a really intense negative reaction to both the NYT review and the trailer itself. Seems like it could be a potentially interesting plotline but also has the potential to be slut-shamey.


I just watched the trailer and I can't tell how self-aware the move is going to end up being, but I'm intially really weirded out by the NYT title for this review. To me I'm reading "poor decision" as being slut-shamey— but maybe because that is the seemingly standard language in the media used to describe women who are assaulted after drinking. And the movie itself kind of seems to point to that as well? Also, maybe I didn't hear it right, but to me, the trailer seems to be offering up the interpretation that, ultimately, having sex wasn't 100% consensual between the two. I'm specifically talking about the point in the trailer where a hand hits the car window and there's a voice over saying "I think we should stop" or something like that.


There's also a possibility that I'm being overly sensitive because I'm in a weird/grouchy space. But those are the undertones I got withing five second of reading the review and the two minutes of the trailer.

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