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Weird, possibly true, things said about you

In a little conversation with Sorcia this week, she revealed an odd description of her glorious paleness. I thought it would be fun to hear what folks IRL have said about you good people. It can be weird in expression, weird in context or just a weird thing about you.

A guy once told me: "You have the hands of a corpse. The rest of you is pretty animated though." I did not ask him how many corpse hands he had touched. But my hands are always cold, no lie. And I am pretty animated.


In other news, I'm having this suggested ice cream hack from Serious Eats from as soon as "90+ degree day" and "unbusy Mr. Softee truck" meet. Ice cream sandwich dipped in chocolate shell and sprinkled with peanuts. You people who make homemade gelato/ice cream/sorbets can just step back and let me enjoy getting my corpse-hands on this chemical wonder.

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