Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

On Monday I watched the new episode of the Leftovers and fell asleep at a reasonable hour. That episode was about this crazy sex cult that rented out a boat for the night. It was very LOST-esque, opening with a submarine scene and then there was a guy who claimed he was God. The entire thing was like this subtle, peripheral orgy. Like the plot of the episode wasn’t about sex but it was EVERYWHERE. Like the setting was basically sex. It’s interesting but I would skip the last 5 minutes, the Leftovers has this animal cruelty shtick that is wholly unnecessary but they keep doing it. :/

I think it did something to my head because I had the weirdest sex dream that night. Like I was with a bad ex boyfriend, but I was fucking all these other men like it was my job. Like it was the most normal thing in the world. The guys didn’t have faces, or they were covered by like pantyhose or something. We were at a carnival. It was really weird. For me, at least. I usually dream about walking around dream cities.


I’ve had some weird ones — one where I was myself but I was somehow also a man. And then I of course have had the sex dreams with people I barely know, or know well but are only friends with. And then you have to see them the next day and uhhhh...hi! Just curious about all y’all...have you ever had weird sex dreams? Tell me about them!

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