I spent last night nauseous, drooling and fighting vomiting. I did not get much sleep. I’ll spare you the details but an early morning bowel movement seemed to have helped me get over the hump. But today i’ve been spacy and tired so i’m playing it safe with eating only banana’s, rice and mashed potatoes. Oh and drinking 7Up, if i had saltines it’d be just like when I was a kid sick with the stomach flu. Alas you don’t find those hanging around Chinese households and i don’t think to buy them anymore. I’m trying to convince my husband to make some Xi Fan/Congee for my ailing tummy. He’s resisting because it’s pretty hot today and it would steam up the kitchen.

I also suspect he’s staying out of the front room/kitchen area where the TV is because he’s a Warriors fan and is nervous about the game. Which means he’s not going to watch and just check the score occasionally, cuz nerves. It’s actually pretty cute to watch him work through the agony.

Anyone else come down with a mysterious bug lately? If so what are your favorite tummy cures? I’ll be reading from my bed, another wave of nausea is hitting again. Being sick in summer sucks :(