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Weird Studies You've Seen Recently

I was reading an article about the Ig Nobels, and then I read an article a friend posted about that was kind of an interesting/weird study (I’ll tell you about it in a minute) and it got me wondering if you had seen any weird studies lately.

The one I saw was shared by an LDS friend (obligatory PubMed link). It was addressing the claim that Mormons can recognize each other by skin texture. The guy that did the study heard one of his co-workers mention being able to recognize other Mormons by “the Mormon Glow” and decided to see if it was true. They took pictures of Mormons and non-Mormons and found that people could distinguish between the two groups significantly better than chance. They removed other features, and could not distinguish Mormons, and so determined it must be skin texture. Though, instead of attributing that to anything to do with the Holy Spirit, they assume it has more to do with Mormons abstaining from alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs, coffee, and otherwise being encouraged to live a healthy lifestyle (I didn’t know Mormons lived 6-10 years longer than the average American).


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