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Weird superstitions

So I just got back from Greece. When I travel, I usually like to get a charm or piece of jewelry that reminds me of the place. I found this shop with really beautiful blue opals set in silver. I tried one on and it looked AMAZING on me. BUT I have always heard that it's bad luck for people not born in October to wear opals.

I know this is ridiculous. Intellectually, I know it makes no sense. But I cannot bring myself to wear opals, even though I think they are beautiful and amazing and look great on me. Gah!


I ended up buying an opal charm (see photo) for my sister's birthday (she was born in October), and now I'm super jealous of it. It's sitting in my bag, and I want it for myself. But I know she would really like it, so I will probably give it to her.

Photo: It looks kind of like this, except with a Greek meander pattern around the outside and the opal is deeper blue

Do y'all have weird superstitions that you obey even though they make no sense? Also, does anyone know of a good loophole for the opal rule? I feel if I found a loophole I could somehow rationalize it to myself (even though it's irrational in the first place—I don't know, just go with it.) Please make me feel less weird.

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