Ok, I am taking two phys.ed classes this semester and I have noticed a super weird and horrible trend with the pants.

Apparently the fashion is to have a crotch seam that resembles a VAGINA. I am not kidding. Either girls are wearing normal cheapo work out pants like me, or very fashionable and expensive pants with weird crotches. My partners pants, every single pair so far has a weird crotch seam that has multiple lines that look like a vagina, and its not just on the undercarriage, no. It peeps up to the mons pubis so that it looks like weird ribbed labial camel toe. But these are FANCY PANTS, which means people went in and bought it for the name/look and I don't understand why you'd want weird ribbed camel toe. It also doesn't make sense because all those lines and seams are thick, which would restrict airflow to the sweaty lady biz.

I checked my Old Navy work out pants, and the seam is just a small diamond shape with thin material that goes right over the vagina and is totally not visible or very noticeable, even when doing open leg stuff. These weird crotches I can see when people are just STANDING AROUND.


Can someone explain this to me? Is it ribbed for an exciting work out experience? Do they make vaginas extra sweaty? I'm so confused as to how this is a thing. (Its not just young girls with crazy fashion sense, but women of all ages)
I cannot find pictures of what I am trying to describe, but if you can, post them so I can add them please!

Edit: Hedgehog had awesome Google powers and find a pic (in the comments)! Except the girls pants in my class have MORE ribbing inside the vagina thing, and they really do go that high!