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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Weirdest Cravings?

That blasted bacon sandwich post has me salivating — THAMKS OBAMA. Er, I mean, THAMKS GERNERICMAC&CHEESESNACKTASTIC. Plus, Nachos good enough to stick your lady dick into. Plus Fuck-you cereal! Which, as everyone knows, is the best kind of cereal.



What are you all trying to do to me?!

It got me thinking about weird food that we crave, and the weird times we crave them. So, tell me good GTers:

1) What's THE weirdest craving you've ever had? Possible reason?

2) What's the strangest time of day you've wanted something odd, i.e. midnight and you need to eat leftover? First thing in the morning and you require herring? All Gherkins, all the time?


3) What's the most fulfilling memory you have of finally getting your food fix on? Mine was driving straight to the Cheesecake Factory in Orlando and ordering the mac n' cheese balls when I hadn't had them in AGES. Or the kickass 'Bang Bang Shrimp' I made myself when I didn't feel like driving to a Bonefish Grill.

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Now tell me yours!!

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