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Welcome To The Bitchery

I want to hear stories about the times you've been reading a Wikipedia page and thought, "woah, who edited this? They seem a little... strange." I'll start. This post was inspired by my recent foray into Avril Lavigne's wikipedia page (sometimes I google people after reading some random story about them, and end up spending way too much time on their wikipedia page. Sue me). First of all, her Wikipedia page is freakishly long. Avril has definitely not done enough with her life to merit that many words. But the thing I really want to know is who wrote three full paragraphs on her first wedding, including the color scheme and flowers? (Note: her second wedding to Chad Kroeger only got two sentences. Interesting...)

My other favorite weird Wikipedia page, which has since been edited, so I'm not even sure if this is real, or if I just imagined the craziness, is "The Secret Life of the American Teenager." In case you don't know how the series ends (like I didn't, before I read the Wikipedia page), the main character leaves for college, leaving her baby with (I think?) the father. Anyways, it doesn't matter who she leaves him with, because some unhinged person went on a several-sentence long rant about how the series ended with the character ABANDONING her son, after all she'd been through to be his mother, and what kind of mother would do that? [ETA: I found at least some of it in old edits! Someone wrote "Amy then decides that basically being a Mom isn't for her and after being with her Son for 3 years for night and day she is going to move 3,000 miles away to go to college leaving her Son across country when he has no say in the matter".] I feel like maybe this person needs to be in therapy instead of editing Wikipedia pages.


There's got to be even better stories of Wikipedia madness. Please tell me yours!

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