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It all started looking at mojo top 10 videos. I rarely agree but they are fun. So I saw this one. I started with Mojo’s 10 Most Disturbing Youtube Videos. I did a copy and paste and the snapshot of the video is mundo creepy. So you can search the title on youtube.

One clip was about the Wyoming Incident. So that lead me to a video about this incident on this youtube page.Night Mind. I then spotted a video about That Poppy who is a singer caught my eye. That lead me to her bizarre music video. She looks to be in her early 20s.

Night MindYour source for the dark, mysterious, horrifying, and strange. Reviews, explanations, stories, and… Read on m.​youtube.​com


×Finally I got this.

A fifty three second Poppy video asking “what is it like to reboot”.

I do not know if she is a performance artist and trying to be a weird Kim K wannabe or she is disturbed. There is something not right with her delivery.

Weirdest hole you got into?

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