So, I have been very stressed lately and this is one of the first weekends in a while I can sort of take it easy (by sort of, I mean, do all my chores and still work a little bit). I was going to see friends tonight but I got this really weird headache and I’m just in a funk. A funky, funky funk. I tried lying on the couch and closing my eyes (after some aspirin of course), and nothing!

I’ve never had a headache like this. I am starting to feel the physical effects of the stress heaped on me - I’m so glad there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

I did book a photographer for my wedding. I have goosebumps because that’s the highest deposit I’ve had to pay so far and I get a little anxious with money. So I accomplished one thing tonight.

Back to my couch to see if I can hold my head perfectly still...forever...

Anyone else laying low? I’m not typically much fun on a Friday but I have never felt so utterly defeated.