To the impromptu gathering of LA & SoCal GTers this Saturday, April 26th!

I know everyone's been waiting ever-so-anxiously and with bated breath over where the next happening is going to happen.

...Wait, you're not anxious OR holding your breath? Oh. Well, ok then. I still have an idea of what we could do and let's see if [insert quaint colloquialism that means "is this cool?" here]

DATE: Saturday, April 26th

TIME: 6:30/7:00PM (you tell me?)

WHERE: Redondo Beach Pier, specifically either Barney's* or Quality Seafood



WHATEVER WE WANT DAMMIT. But seriously, I'm liking this idea because we can meet in one central location that has the beach, food, and multiple dive bars helpfully strung in a line and all we have to do is pay for parking in a conveniently adjacent lot. Plus, Uber is very familiar with this area...just in case.


Questions? Answers? Suggestions? Major disappointment about the fact that I'm not suggesting a bonfire with tiki torches with 100% chance of s'mores?**

* LOOKIT MS.CINEPHILE! There's a Barney's! ;)

** We can do that too, if people want. I have the tiki torches. Just sayin'