Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Happy Saturday night everyone!

I am VERY glad to be here... and super excited to be back hosting Groupdrink!!

For the first hour of Groupdrink... hang out! Chat! I'm going to release the categories for the Gif-off now, not at all because I was out shopping before just now...


Drink, Smoke and Kink... also Slink (I was enjoying those stories yesterday!).

Finally, ALL your *scritches* for Bumble.

The categories for the Gif-off include, but are not limited to: Dancing schnauzers, pictures of Fluterdale's dogs, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Moriarity, sassy gifs, Patrick Stewart, Julia Louis Dreyfus, Latrice Royale, '80s sitcoms, Dirty Disney gifs, Kinja'd, Michael Scott, Fuck this shit- I'm a panda...and more!

To recap the plans for tonight:

Right now: Opening hour of Groupdrink

9PM: A GAME of IF (there will be directions on how-to play)


11PM: TALK AMONST YOURSELF (a self-destructing post that expires at 7AM PST on Sunday, April 20th)... take your pictures now, cough*hint-at-what-we're-really-doing*cough


12PM: NEVER HAVE I EVER leading to a game of TRUTH OR TRUTH


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