Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Hey guys! Surprise! I warned you it was coming a little sooner than I first announced ;) Sorry we couldn't tell you guys exactly when, but now new GT is here. And for those of you who missed the invitation thread or who didn't get invites yet, no worries. I had to take care of some personal stuff last night so I didn't get to finish adding everyone yet. Your administrators and myself will keep invites active. I have work today so they will be off and on, but I promise they're ongoing.

Meanwhile, if you haven't gotten your authorship rights yet try playing around with the new system. Anyone can respond to posts on GT (though, don't worry guys. Your admins, including me, will be moderating here. Just with a light touch since this is GT!) so keep interacting constructively and building your community rapport. Lots of awesome commenters whom I adore aren't here yet just because adding y'all is going to take some time. The rules are the same as they always have been, but just keep the most basic one (PLAY NICE) in mind. You all still have the option to dismiss replies if need be, too.

For those of you who do have authorship: You can post in GT just like in the old days. Whatever you want to discuss is up to you. Officially, Groupthink is basically its own entity now so use it just as we used to. From GIF parties to serious discussions, all types of posts are welcome as long as they follow the same Jez policy you're all used to. And don't forget that admins can take away those authorship privileges if need be so just keep it in the same spirit as old GT.

To all: HAVE FUN! And enjoy the new system :) This is not an invite request thread, but there will definitely be another one of those pretty soon. And, again, invites are ongoing and indefinite. Use your authorship and posting privileges (this includes responses) wisely. But most importantly, let's have a good time and treat each other well.



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