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Welcome to the Saturday Night of the "Official Groupdrink"

This post is going to stay an open thread! Come back here throughout the night to check in and see what other GTers are doing or saying, drinking, smoking or what kind of kinky thing they are doing!

Official Groupdrink is only official in the sense that there are posts with games every hour or so... posting continutes as normal, you are in no way required to participate (obviously) and if a question that comes up that is too personal for you or will doxx you (and you are not okay with that), please don’t answer it. Unless there is an overwhelming consensus that a post should be taken down tomorrow, it’ll probably stay up...though if you want to participate, but want your answer to disappear tomorrow, let me know tomorrow, by replying on the post to me...not to yourself. AND... that’s it!


I love y’all for not holding last night against me and in 20 minutes, we’re trying a new game, which will be followed the next hour by a game of “If.” You don’t have to understand now; directions will be provided!


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