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Actually, no I have a lot more to say than that. Full dress rehearsals should not be skipped. When I say full dress rehearsal I mean you pretend its opening night, you pretend to open house, you have all your music and lights programed, all the board operators should have to do is push the buttons when told by their stage manager. The stage manager should now how to call cues, and know when to call them. You do this so your techs know what to expect when the show opens. The director should not be on a headset from the audience calling cues. They should also not be questioning the lighting, that ship passed last night, it should have passed several days ago in my opinion.


This is a college show, I don't expect it to be perfect but this was ridiculous. We didn't even have tech week, I was there for two rehearsals and then it was opening night. One of the directors bragging points when opening the show is this came together in three weeks, an extra week wouldn't have hurt. First night of rehearsals the SM asked me if I would able to take my cues visually. What? I told him no, they way the booth is set up I can't turn the music on and watch the stage at the same time. I need him to be my eyes and tell me when to turn it on, turn it up and fade out, and for both rehearsals he or the director gave me my cues. That didn't happen tonight, so my cues were a few seconds late and I had an angry director in my ear.

And lights, hooooo that was a mess. I have taken both of the tech classes offered by my school, I have been trained on the light board used in the theatre we used tonight. Despite this the instructor who was in charge of assigning crew positions put a tech 1 student on the light board. You don't even get to look at the board till tech 2. He had 40-50 light cues and several went wrong. When the SM asked him if he could do his cues visually, he said yes, big mistake. Not being able to come the final rehearsal didn't help either. And I the more experienced student who has come for everything was given the "easier" job on sound, because I didn't take my tech classes with the current instructor and haven't proven my abilities. He also busted out an apple and a granola bar and started eating in the booth while we were waiting for the house to open. You don't fucking eat in the booth, especially not while your still sitting in front of your board with your headset on. Take that shit out in the hallway, these instruments have dust covers on them almost 24/7 for a reason.

I have two more shows to do to fulfill my tech requirements for my SM class, and I have to do them without killing anyone. ughh.

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