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Well as everyone knows ITT is dead. What was their real reputation?

In my high school in the 80s ITT was considered the college of last resort. As one of the Brothers in my high school said “don’t waste your time here (college prep Catholic school) if ITT is your choice they take everyone”

In the late 90s at a software company I worked for my boss dismissed resumes from recent college grads if their education was ITT.


What was the reality. I assume these two people represented an educational snobishness. I just got the impression from them ITT diploma is better then no diploma but not much. Which never made sense. I figured it was education snobbery.

Yet there is myth vs reality. I kinda figured people I knew embraced the myth. Although this was the 80s and 90s. I figure much has changed.

How are recent college graduates with ITT degrees viewed in terms of job applications?

I think amyone who studies and gets a college degree should be commended. I know ITT helped a lot.of people who would not otherwise have gone to college. That said I found in life where one goes to college will sometimes decide if your resume is ignored.

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