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Well, Can't Wait to Shower Off That Interaction

After a long, arduous, and somewhat shit-filled day, I was leaving work. Walked out with a co-worker, we were chatting, headed to the train.

As we stroll, people are streaming by opposite us, in normal walking traffic patterns. Then suddenly, on my left shoulder, a man walking by leans in about a half inch from my ear and rasps in a quiet but deep throaty voice, "Gorgeous." Then poof, gone.

My entire left side completely involuntarily recoiled from him - I fucking hate being touched, especially by strangers, and this guy managed to get so physically close to me in an instant that I am somewhat impressed. Practiced move, perhaps.


I was so flustered and rattled and creeped out I couldn't focus on the chit chat with my co-worker - he had been so quick and quiet about it she hadn't even noticed what happened. My left side tingled and stung for about 10 minutes afterwards. It's not like this type of shit has never happened to me before (cause I'm a woman who goes out in public, yay), but my day was pretty emotionally draining even before this shit that it must have sent me a little over the edge; I had a hard time fighting back tears on the train home.

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