In which WillTheyorWon’tThey? spends her rent money on a vet bill.

I thought I could actually participate in the holidays this year. I finally had money over the bare minimum to live for the first time in like 5 years, so I spent money. I helped arrange the GT gift swap; I bought presents for my mom and my dad; I sent holiday cards. Money was spent. Jolly was I.

My favorite cat (don’t tell the other two) has been peeing outside the box and yesterday she piddled on the floor and it was dark, concentrated pee. I was up half the night thinking that my lax attitude was going to lead to kidney infections and ultimate death for my itty kitty. So, today I went to the vet without any money set aside for vet stuff (because I have no extra money). Now, my rent is gone. And, the vet thinks maybe my cat makes urine crystals and thus will need a special prescribed diet. Argh.

I get paid on the 30th, but I work freelance and jobs I have done aren’t being pushed through to payment status yet. I am freaking out.

I just wanted to vent. There really isn’t a solution here, but the cat should feel better soon. So, that’s good news?