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Well, crap! My tablet may well be dying...

I was so excited to get a tablet for Christmas. SO gave me a Nexus 7, which is the one I wanted. My children have taken over my laptop, which is fine. It's really old and slow. I wanted a tablet for ease of use. Laptops are hard when you're trying to nurse a newborn. I learned this evening that they are hard when you have a wandering toddler who loves to hit things.

For the past week or so I have noticed that the battery drains really quickly, and for the month prior, charging takes for freaking ever. The other thing I noticed was that it kept losing charge WHILE ON THE FACTORY CHARGER!!! I'm so bummed.

I've been researching ways to fix or help it function better, and have tried so many things. I haven't done a factory reset, only because from my research, it seems that only helps for a short time.


Tonight, I read this article, right here and now I have many sads.

I can't just buy another tablet because opposite of rich. Dammit. It's my go to device. I have a crappy phone (another budget helper for us, I stay at home so I don't require a smartphone), and my laptop is typically in use by my eldest for school (he does an online school).

I don't know what I'm going to do. I internet a lot so everyone else can watch tv.

***ETA***It is under warranty, I learned from SO that he bought a two year extended warranty as well. I'm going to move all the photos and whatnot. And get another tablet. It sucks though, it's not even a year old.


I've been on it for about 42 minutes and it's gone from full charge to 88%. Chrome and Battery Doctor are the only things open. Boo.

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