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Well don't I feel like a shit sandwich

Sokka and I hung out today and he told me he's seeing someone. As much as I'm happy he's doing well and feeling confident and not lonely and all that—-I'm secretly pissed that his romantic life has been better than mine. Dumpers aren't supposed to have the better love life. Dumpees are. It's just the rules. He's also hanging out with a friend I hate*, and because Sokka knows I hate him they hang out without me.

Secondly, ExGod has started texting me all of a sudden. The other day he stopped by my work. He's being very friendly, and while I enjoy talking to him...I have little to no idea of his intentions which makes me wary. I'm obviously a mess and don't know what I want right now. I talked to Sokka about this and he is being a very good friend...but I kind of don't want him to be a good friend. I kind of want him to be jealous. Even though if our roles were reversed I would be (and have been) a good friend too.

Thirdly on my way home a stranger yelled at me for a mistake I made even after I apologized to him, and a cat-caller yelled out my astrological sign which creeped me out, and another cat caller (who likes to remind me we live in the same building whenever I walk by him) tried to follow me into the elevator- and then later after I thought I'd avoided him I saw him on my floor. So now he not only knows my schedule (as he sits on the stoop and harasses me as I walk by), he has a really good idea of the exact place where I live.


Oh yeah, and I had an audition that I didn't know was an audition for a project that wasn't explained adequately beforehand and is likely a scam. It went very badly. I was embarrassed.

I feel like a hot mess. A hot steaming mess.

*because he is a huge "Nice Guy" asshole who tried to turn me and Sokka against each other after I called out the "Nice Guy" tactics he was using on me.

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