Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Well, fuck this article.

I mean, come on. Really?


I don’t think a maxi dress is the most flattering thing I wear. I have a few. Some look better on me than others. Some are shitty and some are high quality. Reasons I like them:

  1. Kind of like wearing pajamas.
  2. I like how they look on me. I feel pretty. I get compliments.
  3. None ya biznuzz.

I mean, of course, there are a million reasons to hate the MP but this one really, really annoys me. We don’t have to be fucking told what to wear. We have that coming from a million other directions. We are constantly told to wear something that is the most flattering (read: makes us look thinnest and most hourglass proportioned) all the time. Every angle. Sometimes, I am told a thing is flattering. Sometimes I am told the same thing is not flattering.

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