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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Well GF (dog) is not very bright

Last night my mother gave bf (dog) and gf (dog) each a fake bone with meat (real?) in the middle, for their teeth. Well it was suppose to be just 10 minutes. BF chewed his and my mother took it back with no problems. GF well she growled at my mother, tucked the fake bone closer, my mother got food to seduce her away, that didn't work. I ended up grabbing GF by the back while my mother snatched it.

Well GF's fake bone where she was chewing was covered in blood. Why didn't GF stop when she noticed the blood from her gums? I picked her up and asked her this, GF just sniffed my shirt hoping for crumbs. Her teeth were just checked by the vet they were fine, we brush them. Her age? She is almost 10. For her to continue chewing while bleeding is not smart. She won't get any more of these.


BF. Did he help while taking the fake bone from GF? Nope. He curled up and just watched then slept.

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