This gif is how my heart feels, because ish with the roommate escalated again, and now I'm pretty damn sure we're not friends anymore. She denies that his presence places any burden whatsoever on the house, that his constant presence makes him anything more than her guest, or that my concerns are worth my anger. She did admit that maybe it was "her bad" for not notifying us that he was staying in her room while she was at work, but didn't understand how having a random man in our house is a privacy concern. How having a 6th person in a house with a tiny-ass kitchen and only one working toilet is a space concern. I have a fucking curtain for a wall- everything is a fucking privacy concern for me.

I'd offered to talk in person if she wanted, with the caveat that I'm more succinct in writing (conflict is so hard for me that I automatically cry and look stupid). She replied that she doesn't care enough to talk about it anymore, and added that she's nicer in writing.

Then she concluded this letter with a "I don't really care about it anymore, cuz after this month we probably won't see each other. Just had to call you out on your BS."

After all this house survived, I never thought it'd get divided by a dude and 40 fucking dollars.

We were all gonna make tacos together on Sunday. Now I don't want to go because it'll be awkward and I'm angry and I know the other roommates will take her side or at least not say anything in my defense, but until my new place is ready June first (this place's lease ends in July, so i'm paying the rent but not living there)...I have nowhere else to go.....and I don't want to turn tail and hide because I'm not in the wrong, here. I don't want to feel guilty for this, I don't want to cause a public row, but I'm done sitting there and smiling and pretending everything's ok when it isn't. And I don't want to let someone who pays no rent (him) and someone who is not even on the fucking lease (her) force me out of my house. And also I really want tacos...


So I don't know what to do :(

(this is me and her right now?)