Good morning y’all! I hope the week is off to a good start for you. I woke up a little annoyed because both of my dreams featured folks who in my waking life are currently ignoring me and creating space between us (fallout from the breakup I’m sure...). It sucks but it’s life. Otherwise, I’m feeling okay I think! This week should be nice and a bit busy, which I like. Tonight I’m tutoring my cousin in Spanish, I plan on hitting the gym at least three times this week, and the Cleveland Clinic Wellness 5k is this Saturday and I’ve got a few friends getting in on the shenanigans with me. Yesterday I had a great and much needed convo with a good friend of mine and we both gave each other some very necessary and lovely encouragement and how about TWD last night?!

So yeah, it’s a mixed bag, but definitely leaning toward not too shabby to start! How are you lovely folks? Here’s a pic from the Browns 5k for good measure!

So, have at it GT! ^_^