The couple at the center of the Thai-Australian surrogacy scandal has just taped a 60 Minutes interview.

The couple initiated a pregnancy to be carried by a surrogate and Gammy, one of a pair of twins who was born with Down's Syndrome and a serious heart defect, was left in Thailand while his sister was taken to Australia.


From the Independent:

The surrogate mother Pattharamon Chanbua claims the couple asked her to have an abortion and left Gammy behind because of his disability. The couple initially denied this claim to Australian media, saying they did not know Gammy existed.

But Ms Chanbua, 21, says the father met the twins but only took his healthy twin sister.


Local media has since claimed court documents released by the Supreme Court of Australia Farnell was jailed in 1997 for a minimum of three years for sex offences involving three girls aged under 13.

Jesus. this should be . . . something.