Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Hey, guys. Maybe you should inspect your fucking buses once in a while so that they don't break ALL THE GODDAMN TIME. Just saying.

Not that it isn't super fun to be stuck on the side of the highway in East Deliveranceville, PA, but some of us would appreciate not having multiple hours added onto every trip. Just a thought.


Judging by the driver's opinions towards corporate ("Thank you, whoever sent the e-mails to them, because it got their asses moving so we don't have to wait 5 hours this time. Seriously, send more e-mails."), I'm gonna assume you guys just suck at your jobs in general and this isn't a one-time thing. Maybe get on that.

ETA: Its 8:35. We were told at 8 that the replacement bus was right around the corner. Fun times.

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