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Well, I finally admitted to friends

That I have not been able to call anyone for 10 years. They had a party at their home this weekend - I know that things had been strained with them since I only called them once in those 10 years (keep in mind, I have no problem answering the phone (though I am tempted to let calls go to message but I try not). During those 10 years, I would have been fine getting together with anyone who called - no one called (well, there is a couple who would call and that would open a period where I could call them back). I manage to call my poor 87 year old mother at least 2 times per week and my sister occasionally. Mom is a hoot she is finally having to face the fact that she can no longer go visit the old people in her church; she is planning to move into an assisted living situation; it is one of those that allows a full range of assistance from full freedom in her living situation all the way to complete bed-ridden. I think that she is handling this pretty well - she plans on keeping and driving her Cadillac until they pry the keys from her cold, dead hands. My sister, mom and I are going to New Orleans for War Brides of Atlantic theatre.

Anyway, I always have Golden Goddess to keep me company. I sure hope that GG will be able to adjust when I have to go back to work and no longer here 24 hours a day. Oh and I am going to see my knee specialist to see if there is something to be done to reduce some pain.


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