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It turns out that all it takes is a federal disaster/emergency in my state and a bunch of people on the main page basically saying that everyone deserves it for choosing to live there in the first place, even though they all seem real ignorant about a) where the disaster is occurring b) to whom it is occurring c) why it is occurring and d) anything about the state, it’s geography, or people.

I am taking deep breaths and venting here because I’ve already said Fuck you to one poster and told another poster that since she thinks that Louisiana shouldn’t support such a large population since it’s close to sea level, that I think since the place she comes from seems to grow such ignorant fucks I don’t think it should be allowed to support a large population either.

Who on earth can look at footage of a tragedy and real people suffering and in danger and losing everything and just think “Shrug, that’s what you get for living there”?


Anyway GT, bastion of saneness and decency, I will just be cooling my heels here again until I think I can venture on the main page without descending further into MRA levels of trollishness. I am sorry I let my temper get the better of me, but damn.

What’s new with you? What sends you to troll levels?

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