Yeah, so, I emailed my choir director and told him I caught the flu from a coworker and had to miss the choir concert so that I could be sneaky and stay at the music festival. Right after I did that, I got for-real sick at the show. My debit card stopped working mysteriously despite there being money on it, the venue’s ATMs were down, and those tiny skinny bottles of water, the ones that are 30-ish cents a piece when you buy a case at the grocery store? $5 a pop. Yep. I got very, very dehydrated, very, very quickly, and the venue was at capacity, so claustrophobic as fuck. I begged a bartender for a cup of tap water at one point and told her I was getting very ill and she. would. not. give. it. to. me. Fucked up.

Long story short, I did not go to my choir concert, and I did see the band I wanted to see, but I think I paid for it rather dearly. I got a bottle of water on the way home AS MY CARD STARTED WORKING AGAIN, IMAGINE THAT and chugged it but I’m still feeling like garbage and likely will tomorrow as well. Moral of the story: don’t skip out on your commitments, because God/the universe/the powers that be/the orbs/the fates/whatever will take a piss on you and your sneaky fun.