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Well, I still have a job...

So this morning I got into work (I made sure I was early, just in case), my boss was also there and talked to #1 and I about #2. She said to us "I just wanted to express that #2 was NOT laid off" which I guess is a tactful way to try and say "#2 was fired because she did things wrong, not cause the company is tanking" or something. After this announcement, I was pulled aside since #1 is only here for another week anyways.

I was reassured that my position is not in jeopardy. I expressed my concerns about the suddenness and the timing. Basically I was kinda told that we'll see how it goes, but there are not currently plans to hire someone. I had asked if the decision to fire #2 had been something they thought about before #1 put in her resignation, and was told no, that something had happened that was too big and that it was a very short timeframe from when the decided to fire her to when it actually happened.


I'm a bit freaked out about what will become of me in terms of being expected to do the work of all of us. I got some great advice in my previous post about asking for expectations going forward, eventually broaching the subject of a pay increase, and more. I appreciate it. This is going to be quite a change and I honestly am still a little in shock about what's to come, what to think, and how to react.

Thanks for the support, even if you didn't comment and just thought "well damn, that sucks, hope it works out!" It's all appreciated!

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