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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Well, I think I'm looking for a new job this spring

My boss, for his first ever written evaluation of me (in five years!), made a PROS AND CONS LIST of me. Who the FUCK does that?

Some choice items:

Pros: “takes limited vacations” [I technically have unlimited leave, both vacation and sick, but I’m afraid to take it, and now we see why]


Cons: “aggregate absences and appointments result in less than full weeks (I contribute to this),” [his note, not mine, so who knows what that means—and he knows I have chronic health conditions and that the aforementioned absences and appointments, were I at a larger workplace, would be fully ADA-protected] [EDIT: I would also like to note here that this is absolute bullshit because I work well over 40 hours a week, I make up those absences by working longer other days, and when I am absent I am on email and working unless I am unconscious from a migraine.]

“some communication challenges in presentations” [I have never, ever been told this before by him or anyone else]


So yeah, WHAT.

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