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Picture it: Middle Tennessee, March 1st, 2016. Since my polling place is also my kid's elementary school, figured I'd go ahead and vote because the line did not look long. Filled out the thing, showed my voting card and ID (ugh), got in line to vote. Looked at the sample ballot posted. Republican primary? Had 10 PAGES of people to vote on- president, county seats, state seats, etc. Democratic primary? ONE PAGE. Of One race- Presidential. So really, I should've voted in the Republican primary (you don't have to be a registered Democrat/Republican to vote in the primary, you just have to state which one you are voting in that day), because I basically didn't get to vote for any of the local elections. But I could not bring myself to vote for ANY of the Republican clown car presidential candidates. Also, I wanted to vote for Hillary. So for what it's worth, I voted.


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