I had a big day today at work. My boss's boss came in, and it wasn't on his calender so I wasn't expecting it at all. We are also having a mock survey because we will have a real one any time in the next 18 months. So I met with the corporate person about the stuff I do at work and found out we are doing things all wrong. Yay, more work for me!

Then I had a meeting that I gather all the stuff for and is always the height of stress for my month.

I had cleaned up and started working my way through the stuff I haven't filed all week because I was getting ready for 2 different stressful things today when my husband texted me. He had gone to shadow some field guys. This morning he thought they were going to be working in one place, but he said he was in a hospital in a completely different city. So I finished what I was doing and interrupted my boss and his boss to let them know I was leaving.


I drove half an hour to get to him hoping I could get there before he got out of the emergency room so that I could get a better picture of what happened. He was standing outside when I pulled up. I was just in time to drive him to his car.

So they had been working at a cell tower and decided to go get lunch. They were gong to go around the corner and get tacos. He went and got in his car. The techs got into a truck and went to the restaurant and he didn't come. After a bit they went back around the corner to see what was gong on. He hadn't even put his keys in the ignition and when they talked to him, he made no sense. He is diabetic and was having a low blood sugar. They called 911.

I'm sure he was speaking words, and individually they had meaning, but strung together.... word salad. I've seen him do that before. Mr Moxie doesn't remember deciding to go to lunch or the discussion of where, so he blacked out before he got in the car. I'm just thankful he didn't actually turn the car on or drive. He came to in the ambulance after they squirted sugar gel in his mouth. They took him to the hospital, made him eat, and monitored his blood sugar for a while.

The tech called to set up the rest of his shadow day. He suggested that they meet around noon, AFTER lunch.


And I went and bought another pack of cigarettes. The man is going to give me an ulcer.