Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

My boyfriend and I went to a last-minute little Halloween party last night. It was pretty fun, and we stayed there till 3 in the morning but were both too drunk to drive home yet didn't want to stay over. So we slept in the back of his car because he had a sleeping bag (mind you, this is in a busy area with cars parked all along the street next to apartments and houses). Anyway, he told me he loved me last night, and I said it back (this was our first exchange of "I love you"s). We were both decently drunk, but I know we meant it because, well, we've practically been dating since March. But we're the type of people who just go with the flow, aren't very romantic, and treat our relationship as though we're best friends. So it was nice to acknowledge what we both already knew and felt.

Oh, and then after he told me that, he had to leave the car to puke outside because we drank too much. LOLZ.


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