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Well it finally happened...

Every year, we get kids (boys mostly) crawling on the walls of the bathroom stalls. Of course, they start out by standing on the toilet seat.

Every year, I tell 'em "Don't do that! You could fall in!"

Well this year, it finally happened. I was on my prep, and the drama teacher sent two of my kids to the washroom. It's only the third week of school, but when I saw that particular pairing come down the hall, I thought "not good."


Anyways, shortly after that, one of the comes out the washroom yelling something about the other boy taking off his clothes, and says to me "You have to come and see!"

I'm thinking "Oh hell, no! I'm not going into the boy's washroom if someone is stripping" when a male teacher comes down the hall. I stand outside the door, while he stands in the doorway to see what's going on. The kid is fully clothed. The other kid says something about the fully clothed kid standing in the toilet and sure enough, when he comes out of the washroom his shoes are noticeably wet.

So it's down to the office to see the new VP where we had a chat about not climbing the bathroom walls.

I'm just glad he didn't fall and whack his head on something.

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