A trip to see the in laws. I don’t associate with them now for....reasons. My wife wants to see her family. That’s normal and legit. It’s not an easy place to fly to and then you have to rent a car so a solo trip is expensive. Flight + car + hotel. We can drive there in about 7 hours from our home and I will gladly do the driving (I love to drive). This is too long for my wife to do on her own for health reasons.

So we will drive down together. We will stay in a nice little touristy mountain town. I will stay in an airbnb apartment downtown with the dog. She will drive to see her family each day (about one hour away) while I chill alone with the dog in the house or walking around in a nice dog friendly downtown. Dog friendly breweries and restaurants abound. It seems so complicated though.

I do not mind spending my days alone with the dog. I love solitude I just hope it all works. Life gets so complicated. I hope if me and the dog get tired, we can find a dog friendly uber.