Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Well, my academic career is over before it started

So this just happened. I was supposed to Skype with an academic advisor before lunch so she could review my class choices for fall for my masters program. I added her on Skype 10 minutes before we were supposed to chat. Five minutes after our chat was supposed to start, I sent her an IM to let her know I was available as I hadn't heard from her. 30 minutes after I was supposed to hear from her, I emailed the program administrator to see what was up. Got her office number, called her on the phone and she proceeded to refuse my apology, practically yell at me and accuse me of lying. Turns out she had tried calling me too, but I never answered and went offline. I never received those calls and she went offline on my Skype too! I tried calling and messaging her but never connected. My Skype is working. My other contacts are appearing online.

So we're supposed to talk this afternoon. I still don't see her online, so I'll try her phone. Did I mention she's the director of my program. And I need her permission to take a class in winter that is a requirement. If I don't take it in winter, I'll have to take is during the summer, which pushes my whole schedule out of wack and means I probably won't graduate in the projected five semesters. Yeah. Great.


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