What a way to start the day! Scout (my car, an homage to To Kill a Mockingbird!) was totally un prepared for the day. I was driving out of my apartment car-port and...whops! misjudged the space I had between the wall thingy and my poor Scout.

I got to the gas station thinking "No big deal, I've scraped my car before!"...well, I've never had the hood cracked open before! So I had to go to the repair shop, thinking that my car was totaled. Well, everyone was super nice and I have to get my (great) insurance to look it over before they start working on it. Well, 10+ days, at least :(

I can live without my car-everything I need is within walking distance. But I was supposed to help my bestie pick out her grad dress today at the mall, and now we can't go. And I really also wanted to shop for myself!

Thank god I bought some lovely, sketchy, cheap (I have low standards) wine last night. Gonna need it!