Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

well, my evenings shot

I'm standing onmy porch having the first cigarette in a month because my husband is being a belligerent ass. His blood sugar is so low his legs are twitching. I put a glass of oj in his hand but he refuses to drink it. I don't think he's recognizing me. I'm basically to the point of praying for unconsciousness so I can put icing in his mouth. Fuck diabetes.

Edit. He drank the OJ while I was outside, so he should be fine in about 20 minutes.


Another update: Mr Moxie is good. I let his brain come back online and he got up, ate, and took a shower. He works at night, so he went from being asleep to up with a low blood sugar. He was probably extra confused because of not being awake before coming out into the livingroom. Thank you for letting me vent my frustration and fear online to you guys. These things happen, and once the immediate threat passes, everything is fine. Last time this happened, I think he got up in the middle of a dream because I had to convince him that his hands didn't need magic for him to use them to eat. I got to tease him afterward for that, but he thought it was funny too

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