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Well. North Dakota it is.

The boy got that job. It’s crazy, after he had basically given up and started pursuing other skills, he finally gets something in his field. Of course, he’s taking it. And we’re going to Hawaii to celebrate now that we know one of us will have a job at least!

I’m anxious about finding a job for myself, and finding a job that I would be happy in, but I’m just so happy for him. I just about cried when he texted me this morning. He joked that now that we’ll be able to afford to shop at Whole Foods, there will be no Whole Foods.

I’m currently in this extremely antsy mode where I know we are done here, so I want to do ALL OF THE PLANS for the next step NOW NOW NOW! Not many job postings for me, but boy the housing market looks enticing.


Sooooo.... what’s there to do in Fargo?

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